The Doug Ellis Sports Centre

Leisure Centre Etiquette

Fitness Suite Etiquette

  • All users of the gym are required to complete an induction and a PAR-Q medical questionnaire.  
  • All personal belongings are to be stored in the lockers provided.
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear for the activity must be worn.
  • Before commencing your workout, please remember to sign in.
  • If you are unsure how to use a piece of equipment, ask an instructor for help.
  • Bring a towel with you on each visit and wipe down equipment after use.
  • At peak times, use may be limited to 15 minutes per piece of equipment. This is at the
    discretion of an instructor, but please be considerate to other users.
  • Remember to bring water with you and drink regularly before, during and after your
    workout to avoid dehydration.

Workout Studio Etiquette

  • 14 and 15 year olds arepermitted to participate in low impact workout classes, under the supervisionof a responsible adult.
  • There must be a minimumof 2 people for a class to take place.
  • Please turn up for yourclass in plenty of time, once the warm up has commenced, late arrivals will not bepermitted.
  • All mobile phones must beswitched off.
  • Appropriate clothing andfootwear for the activity must be worn.
  • Please use the drychanging area and lockers provided for all personal belongings.
  • Please consult a doctorbefore participating in any activity. If you are pregnant or have any medicalconditions, you must make your instructor aware of this.
  • Drink plenty of water toavoid dehydration.